If you’re looking for some unique online boutique designers and standout designer dresses, look no more. StitchMyFit brings online boutique shopping to you. With the same elements you’d find at a designer shop, now just more convenient! It’s super simple – choose from over the 1000 designs we have from our online boutiques, customize them as per your liking (you heard right - sleeves, colors, neckline and more) and upload your measurements! A bespoke, beautifully handcrafted designer dress will be delivered to your doorstep! Best of all, it’s made only for you – so you would hold a one-of-a-kind piece that nobody else would possess.
If you’re in Mumbai, you’re one lucky gal – a stylist will visit you at home to take your measurements and recommend what customizations would look good on your chosen design, which would be made just for you! What’s more, if you have your own fabric, the stylist will also help you design a unique pattern which we will get tailored and sent to your doorstep. So get booking a time slot today and our stylist will be on her way to make you look even more stunning in the design you’ve chosen.

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