THE STORY OF STITCHMYFIT founders have a vast experience in startups, one of them comes
from a rich tech experience and the other brings tonnes of branding experience with her.
Designs that fit you. Perfectly.
We believe you should never try to 'fit in' to your dresses. We believe you should never be defined by sizes S, M, L or XL.
We believe, you are unique. Your dresses should fit you. Your style should define you.
We believe you should wear your own designs. Designs that fit you Perfectly.
Our Approach
  1. SMF has several boutiques onboard offering the latest in fashion, customizable at your fingertips
  2. Select a well fitting size, upload your measurements with the help of our DIY videos
  3. Worldwide Shipping
  4. Within Mumbai, call home our experienced lady stylist to get your measurements taken
  5. Our partner boutique creates your selected dress and creates it just for you, with your measurements and customizations
  6. Mumbai women can also avail of our doorstep tailoring services to create their dream design in their fabric
  7. Our expertise in technology and strict supervision ensure maximum quality control and bring a delightful experience to you
  • So go ahead and customize the color, sleeves, neckline of your chosen designs at! Happy Fitting
How we got started
  • StitchMyFit started with a simple thought..
  • Like so many modern women, we shopped online for a variety of stuff like gadgets, accessories, books, etc. But clothes is something we have never been comfortable buying online. For the simple reason that we have always been wary of the fit.
  • Like us, most of the women who are not happy shopping for ethnic wear online fearing a bad fit, resort to offline stores like boutiques and tailors.
  • And thus came about the next logical step, organizing the unorganized space of boutiques and tailors!
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"I have been working with StitchMyFit since last 2 years now. And I must say that my experience has been outstanding with them.
We have managed to expand our reach beyond our vicinity within a very short span of time"     RESHAM'S BOUTIQUE

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