CLOTHING IS A FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION – There are hints about who you are in what you wear.

From an external perspective, what your wear affects what people think of you. Impressions are formed in the first few moments of meeting someone – and it isn’t your wits or charm that creates the first impression but your appearance. What you wear is a big part of it.

From a personal perspective, what you wear affects how you present yourself and how you feel about yourself. You tend to act more ‘relaxed’, exhibiting a poor posture, when you wear baggy clothes since the bagginess tends to hide your form. This translates into your confidence level, making people think of you as less confident and over time, your confidence will get affected by this.

When you invest in clothing (at any price range), you’re investing in your Image. How your clothes fit you matters and they reflect your personality.

“Clothes are made for an average form, certain generic measurements, and no one really has that ideal average form. We all have something different body-wise, so most likely when you put on clothing it’s not going to fit perfectly,” says designer Rebecca Moses.

A surprising but critical area to fit is the middle of your hips-“The sweep”
The signal that the garment is well-made, is if it has proper fitting shoulders and hips because the two are in alignment.
The garment should never visibly pull across your body (bust, hips, thighs, stomach). It should feel comfortable, giving you a little bit of breathing space.

Why is it so important to have clothes that fit?
Because fit is the key to looking fabulous every day.
You’ll Look Terrific in Clothes that Fit Well
When your clothes fit-wise aren’t quite right even plush clothes are spoiled by ill-fitting sleeves, loose straps, gaping blouses and bulging waistbands.
You put them on thinking they look OK – not great, but OK – then spend the day pushing up your sleeves, tugging at the hem of your blouse, yanking at your waistband.
Not a great confidence builder, is it?
You hope nobody is watching as you constantly adjust your clothes, and you feel self-conscious.
Now – think about your favourite outfit, the one that makes you feel like a million bucks.
In which there’s no pushing or tugging when you wear that one.

The difference?  It fits!
Because getting a perfect fit makes the difference, not only the right size.
Fortunately, there are mechanics for clothes: Tailors.
Many a times a garment is trend-wise spot on but doesn’t give it’s the charm because it fits poorly. In this case despite the garment is expensive or trendy it doesn’t matter the whole look is ruined only due to a mere fit.

Fit stitchmyfit

If you see someone wearing baggy or loose clothes, you think of them as sloppy and not someone you would trust to get things done. The image of the same women in different fitting clothes. See the difference? This in itself is a great reason to ensure that you wear properly fitted clothes.

Fitting clothes does not mean suffocating in a slim fit if you are oversized. It simply means wearing what works for you that allows you to breathe without you getting lost in what you wear.

“Ready-to-wear” is often a misnomer when the clothing sizes can’t accommodate many body shapes.
Ready-to-wear often isn’t ready to wear.