“A profession” is a faceless arena. It cannot get categorized in a “gender bracket” form. And women have certainly carved their position in supposedly male-dominated industries quite triumphantly.

Be it winning a legal battle in the courtroom or earning that extra sales commission in an ever-demanding marketing firm, women do know how to shape and succeed at corporate goals.

Men have decades full of options for tailored office wear and it’s time women get those too. Here are some quick tips to dress crisply for that next boardroom meet. May it be the white formal shirt you have tucked in next time you have a stock indices presentation lined up or the drape of a cotton sari that’s visible through your doctor’s coat.

  1. Well tailored office wear: For a professional perfectionist like you, you deserve the crème of formal wear for women. Tailored and bespoke fits go a long way in telling people that you have thought out the way that you present yourself. Bespoke office wear for women is now becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

  1. “Drape and fall matters”: In a corporate environment, hand crafted clothing does add as a favourable frill to it. A well stitched suit or a muslin blouse to match that silk sari will do wonders to your confidence if you are in a position of leading a team.

  1. Your personal style: Websites like stitchmyfit.com do understand your professional needs and guide you perfectly for choosing a formal work wear for ladies. Indulge yourself in an online retail therapy by selecting bespoke formal shirts or dresses online on their site and customizing them to your liking.

The next time you want to look your best, try bespoke formal clothing for women, be it formal shirts or formal dresses, cuts and silhouettes made specially for you are the most flattering.