Dresses & Jumpsuits

These stunning Western Dresses & Jumpsuits are waiting to be made, just for you

We at SMF, try to offer you the best selection of everyday wear and party wear dresses online. But we won’t stop there. Not only will we give you a whole range of western wear online, we also get it customized to your liking. So be it your fit or your style, all these outfits are made especially to your measurements and liking.
We’ve curated a mix of dresses and jumpsuits to suit your fancy. Be it casual short dress (PS. You can change the length) or even dressy evening dos, our list of boutiques that fill our western wear online collection are unique and fresh straight out of the designers’ collection. We’re one of the first to offer bespoke western dresses online – a concept that has been a big hit with those that don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets for bespoke clothes. So the next time you’re thinking of western dress online shopping, think of the customized experience we offer you! We’ve also just started adding some new stunning jumpsuits online which work for a more modern way to dress up for any kind of function!