Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I shop at

A. is the only online store that believes you should never try to 'fit in' to your dresses. We believe you should never be defined by sizes S, M, L or XL. Your dresses should fit you. Your styles should define you. We believe you should wear your own designs. We at, are doing just about that for you.

Not only do you get every dress tailor-made for you, you also get to customize your dresses. Choose the neckline you want. You like a sleeveless dress but would like to have it made with sleeves, go ahead and customize! Check the choice of colours a dress may be available in.

At StitchMyFit, the customer comes first and her fit and style are our primary focus.

Q. This is just what I wanted! How do I go about it?

A. Since every dress you order is custom made for you, we would need your measurements before we can create the perfect dress for you. There are several ways to provide your measurements to us.

1. Book a Stylist session even without ordering a dress or registration

You can experience the personalized services of StitchMyFit even without registering on our site! Book a stylist session and one of our lady stylists will visit you at your address and take your measurements. You can then register and we shall upload your measurements with your profile. Once this is done, go ahead and order dresses, customize them and you will get them delivered in your measurements.

2. Place an order and ask for our stylist to take your measurements

You can register on our website and select dresses you would like to purchase. At the time of adding to cart, you will be asked to select the measurement you would like that dress in. If you would like our stylist to take your measurements, simply select the option to book a stylist session. You can then proceed to checkout. You will be asked to select the date and time for the stylist appointment. Based on the volume of requests, we will be required to confirm the appointment with you post you book the session.

3. Upload your measurements with our easy DIY steps and use them for every dress you like

We have Do It Yourself steps with illustrations that make it extremely easy to take your own measurements. Some of the measurements are mandatory, though it is preferable to upload the non-mandatory measurements too as they will result in an even better fit!

You can select any set of uploaded measurements while adding a dress to your cart.

Q. How often can I book a stylist session?

A. You can book a session with our stylist to take your measurements as often as you’d like! One session every three months is free. Any additional sessions will be charged a fee of Rs 100 per session plus applicable taxes, if any.

Q. Can I upload my own measurements?

A. Yes definitely! We have put together some Do It Yourself illustrations that make taking your own measurements very simple. A simple measuring tape will suffice. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of measurements! They are needed only to ensure that you get a perfectly fitting dress. If you have any doubts or are unsure about taking your own measurements, feel free to book a stylist session with us.

Q. Can I update my measurements?

A. Your measurements will be uploaded to your profile once our stylist has taken your measurements or if you have taken them yourself and uploaded them. At any point you can update the measurements. If you feel you would like your dress to be a little more loose, you can adjust the waist measurement accordingly. You can also call for our stylist to take your revised measurements.

If you update your measurements while any of your orders is still pending to be delivered, you need to inform of this change by calling our Customer Care number or writing an email to We will try our best to accommodate the change in your measurements in the pending orders if possible. If the change cannot be accommodated then no refunds will be made in that case.

Q. What if I face a problem with the fitting after the dress is delivered to me?

A. We shall provide one free alteration for every dress that you purchase, even if there was an error from your end in uploading the measurements. This needs to be requested within 7 days of the delivery of the dress. Please note that there is always a limited scope for alteration that we keep in every dress in order to ensure the best fit for you. If the alteration is required due to an error from our side and if there is not enough scope for alteration, then we shall provide you a replacement free of cost if the required material is available at that time. If the alteration is required due to an error from our side and if a replacement is warranted and there is not enough inventory with us at that time to service the replacement, then we shall give you a full refund for the dress.

If the alteration is required due to your error in uploading the measurements and if there is no room for alteration, then no replacement or refund shall be provided.

Q. What is the typical time taken for delivery?

A. With each dress, we display the number of days it will take to deliver it. If you have multiple dresses in your order, the entire order will be delivered at the same time, which will be the last date of the individual delivery dates in your order. For instance, if you order for a dress that has a delivery period of 4 days and another that has a delivery period of 6 days, then the entire order will be delivered to you 6 days after we receive the measurements for your order.

The expected date of delivery will be mentioned on order confirmation. If we can deliver earlier or in case of a delay, we shall communicate the same to you accordingly.

Q. Can I have multiple measurements associated with my profile?

A. Yes you can have multiple sets of measurements associated with your profile. You can have one set of measurements for yourself and another for your mother and then another for your sister! While adding a dress to your cart, you need to select which set of the uploaded measurements would you like that dress in.

Q. I would prefer only lady stylists to make a home visit. Is that possible?

A. We understand the need for you to be comfortable giving your measurements. Hence we recruit only lady stylists who will visit your home to take measurements when you have made an appointment for the same.